What Sets Us Apart

We Believe in Excellence in Orthodontics

The Huse Orthodontics staff is committed to excellence in orthodontics. It is our goal to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment available in a professional, caring, and fun environment where your needs are our top priority.

We are committed to treating you as we would a family member or friend. Dr. Huse listens to and addresses your chief concern by discussing all the treatment options available and giving you the pros and cons of each option. We will not pressure you into treatment, but instead explain the functional reasons for treatment and let you decide if it's right for you.

We believe that orthodontics is about more than straight teeth. It's about building confidence and a positive self-image, through improved dental and facial aesthetics. These improvements can contribute to a good first impression, which may lead to increased social and career success, and even a better attitude toward life.

One Orthodontist Focused on You

As our patient, you will have Dr. Huse's undivided, personal attention at every appointment because he is the only orthodontist in the office. Dr. Huse is the one who discusses your treatment plan and shows you different options on how to correct it. He is the only person who will plan your treatment and put your braces on, so he knows exactly what your treatment plan is from start to finish. This provides continuity of care, shorter treatment times, and a constant understanding of your specific treatment plan. Dr. Huse also tries to time the start of treatment ideally to reduce the amount of months in braces and number of appointments necessary.

Our Office Environment

We have a warm and friendly St. Cloud orthodontic office featuring massage chairs, kids play area, video game stations, coffee bar, ample parking, TV, and a fireplace. We also have private treatment rooms and a semi-private treatment bay. Our satellite locations in Cold Spring, Annandale, Becker, and Foley are located within walking distance from the local schools, so parents don't have to take time off to bring their kids to appointments.

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Our Location
St. Cloud Office622 Roosevelt Rd #120
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Cold Spring Office402 Red River Ave N
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Annandale Office93 Oak Ave S
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Becker Office13734 1st St
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Foley Office430 Broadway Ave N
Foley, MN 56329
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